Friday, April 20, 2012

Real Marriage DVD Kit

There's been so much controversy about Mark Driscoll and his book and book tour of "Real Marriage." I will admit, I wasn't looking forward to this DVD series and so I gave it to a friend who is doing the group study in her small young marrieds community group. She's actually going to give me a better, more in depth write up of the study. From what I looked it, (without doing it in a group) is a DVD kit that looks like it would be excellent for use in a small group. There's an openness in the DVD that promotes people to be open about their own struggles; there are topics addressed that would be difficult to approach had it not been brought up in the DVD. The questions are probing but constructive. I am looking forward to hearing what my friend thought of it in a group couples setting. Mark Driscoll often gets in trouble for the brash way he can come across but many really need to hear the straightforwardness of his words and, though I might not always like or agree, I am thankful for him and his ministry. I received a copy of the DVD by booksneeze. The views I hold are my own.