Saturday, March 30, 2013

Black ESV Journaling Bible

While researching Bibles, I came across this wonderful blog called Bible Design Blog. I have read countless of his Bible reviews, and finally decided to look into the purchase of an R. L. Allan Bible. It arrives in the next week or two (from Scotland!). I'll write more about THAT Bible later.

As I was perusing the above mentioned Bible blog,  he wrote about a wide margin Bible and how everyone should have one. I have a shelf full of Bibles, but nary a wide margin one. Since I just purchased an Allan Bible, I didn't want to spend too much on a wide margin. Plus, I have a difficult time writing in my Bible. I thought that if it was less expensive it might be easier for me to mark it up. I decided I'd go with a solid hardcover edition. I nearly went with a Cambridge ESV wide margin, but even that was more than I wanted to spend (though, I have to say, the wide margin Bibles are simply lovely; a joy to look at!) I then stumbled on his blog review of the ESV Journaling Bible.

I love it. First, it is a beautiful, simple design that takes its cues from a classic black moleskine notebook. I happen to love moleskine notebooks. So I ordered it through Amazon, but later realized that the cheapest place to purchase it was from Westminster Bookstore. As of this writing, it is listed at half the listed price and it comes in black and red. Actually, it now comes in other variations: leather, imitation leather, some designs on it, some different colors, etc. It also comes in single column and the more traditional double columns. (I chose the single column). I also think that the simple, basic black (or even red) is absolutely beautiful in an understated way. I love the cover, the little elastic, the cream pages. Some have commented that the size of the font is too small but I find it quite acceptable.

This Bible perfectly matches my moleskine notebook and my Dodocase iPad 2 cover. (both are black).It is a wonderful trio to bring to church. Because of its low price, I feel pretty comfortable toting it everywhere and writing in it. It seems quite durable.

I love this Bible already and I think that it, paired with a nice fine pen, would make a truly special gift for someone. I know... how many Bibles does one need? But this one is unique and very personal. It could easily become a treasured object not only for the recipient, but to hand down as a bit of legacy, though I have to say, I am a very private person. Not sure I'd like someone to read my notes!

Friday, March 29, 2013

New Bible

I bought a new Bible this week. I can't wait. It will be my first high quality Bible and it is coming to me from Scotland! Highland goatskin, Red-under-Gold  gilding, Smyth-sewn.... I can't wait. I hope I love it. I'm sure I will. It is from R. L. Allan and is called the ESV1T.

More later.... and yes, I know I have way too many Bibles already...