Thursday, July 10, 2014

Little bit of "Audrey" Costume

It's the middle of summer and I find out that my little girl needs a costume for "Hollywood Week". Hollywood? No clue what type of costume they want for that! I thought I'd drag out a sparkly/glittery dress from her closet and add a cheap feather boa, beads, and maybe a pair of sunglasses. Then, while eating breakfast with the family at a kitschy breakfast joint,  I kept staring at a LARGE poster of Audrey Hepbrun in her Breakfast at Tiffany's getup. Hmmm... what an easy twist on Hollywood.... dress as Audrey.

- Black Dress (I chose a more girlish one than the form fitting one Audrey features)  Found on Ebay      but it is the same one as on Amazon. 
- Strand of pearls. Initially I used one that was in KT's jewelry box but when I spotted a multi-strand version at Target, I grabbed 'em.  (similar ones HERE).
- Satin Elbow gloves. 
- Sunglasses like these from Target. 
- Tiara. Because every girl needs one! Not the same as the tiny hair-pin style one Audrey wore but I think my little girl prefers a 'real' tiara more anyways. I bought a cheap metal one on Amazon. Not the greatest of quality but it is for a costume. Looks really cute.
- Shoes. I chose black glittery flats because she already had a pair but nearly any type of black flat or mary jane would do. High heels too but I don't let my daughter wear those yet.

BONUS: I also thought it would be fun to pass out 'autographed' pictures at the costume party event. Not sure yet if I'll print off Audrey Hepburn's photos for her to sign or her own photos dressed up as Audrey.