Thursday, November 14, 2013

Gift Ideas - Gift Tags for the Friend Who Needs Nothing

I have a dear friend who loves U2 so I made her these gift tags. The photos I used were from the Oakland 360 concert a few years ago that I attended with her. We were fortunate to get close enough to snap these photos. I hope she enjoys them! I also made gift tags from the photos I took with my kids for their Christmas cards.... some of the outtakes make wonderful gift tag images!

I used to purchase the gift tags through costco but they stopped making them last year and I found these at Walmart. They're under One Hour Photo > Photo cards > cut-a-way cards. They're about 28 cents (or was it 40?) for a 4 by 8 card that contains 3 gift tags that you cut out on the dotted lines. (hence, the cut-away name). I'm thinking about rounding the edges and perhaps packaging it up nicely with a white paint pen, since no normal pen will work on this black background. There were several other backgrounds to choose from but I thought these ones went well the the U2 photos.

Now I have to try to figure out what to give others on my list.

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