Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Maestro Manager

My friend Jessica Pattison created a truly useful, wonderful LIFE PLANNER called the Maestro Manager  that is perfect for anyone, but especially busy moms! Of course, I could be biased about this because I am a busy mom! But seriously, this thing is incredibly useful at orchestrating all 6 areas of life - mind, body, soul, community, work and home. This thing has EVERYTHING - a plan to incorporate housework and cleaning (on a weekly, monthly, and seasonal basis!), a place every month for a budget, goals, books you want to read, prayer and journaling areas. Did I already mention this thing is amazing?

I didn't think it would be this nice! The cover is sturdy and comes in 3 colors - orange, gray and green. My friend Jessica was kind enough to send me one. I got the green cover and I simply love it! Even unboxing it was an "apple-esque" experience. It is obvious even care and thought went into packaging it! It was beautiful - perfectly boxed, with tissue paper that you pull back to reveal a Maestro Manager pen and sticker. Then you see this gorgeous hardback cover that encases a spiral bound Maestro Manager life planner. The pages also ooze (useful) luxury. (okay, I'll admit that I am a bit nerdy when it comes to paper, pens, books, and stuff like that). The pages have a slick feel to them and a nice weight. The pages don't bleed ink through, even with my favorite pens and highlighters. (yay!).

It is such a gorgeous planner that you will want to keep it in easy reach and won't mind leaving it (displayed?) on a table or armchair, or even with your Bible and journal. (though there is space in the planner for some journaling and even prompts,  if you're like me you'll also want a moleskine if you write too much!)

I can't even address all the stuff this thing has! Shopping list area, To-do lists,  this thing has it all and beautifully and thoughtfully put together. It truly is an everything you need life planner!  You can check it out at http://www.themaestromanager.com

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