Thursday, December 31, 2009

I don't like New Years Resolutions

I have a few pet peeves. I hate to even write them because I think that by making them known it alienates others and leaves them uneasy in interactions with me. Of course, I'm sure I'm thinking too highly of myself here and now one CARES what I think about them, they aren't going to change because I don't like a particular word or mannerism.

Of course, I DO care and if I know you hate nuts or the certain words or actions, I'll be painstakingly sure I'll never be offensive in those ways around you. It's a horrible trait: To be a people pleaser.

There are some things I don't like, and I KNOW that most people do them and aren't going to stop because I don't like it! One is the twitter-speak/text abbreviations. I don't mind certain things like IDK, FWIW, IMO, that type of thing. I dislike the "How r u doin hope ur doin ok" type of thing. It just bugs me! Misspellings bug me and I KNOW I also mistype and misspell words and I know that not everyone spells perfectly and it means nothing. I'd rather have a friend send me an email filled with misspellings and even text-speak than not at all. I'm just sayin' that I do find in less preferable.

I can't believe I admitted it.

One thing that I dislike and I have to deal with every year at this time is New Years Resolutions. It's a universally accepted thing to personally and publicly make goals and I suppose I'm a person that doesn't like setting goals because I don't like to fail.

It's interesting because I'm married to a guy that has goals and keeps them. He has short term, 5 year and 10 year goals... and he fulfills them. The things he sets his mind to he accomplishes. I love that about him and yet feel like he's special. People like me aren't like that.

Lately I've been reading some good blogs and they somehow lately have been addressing topics I don't wish to think about. Goals, life, not wasting life, experience, adventure, making life meaningful and rich and with no regrets.

So I ask you, what would it mean to live a life with no regrets? Is it possible? Will you look back at some point of your life wishing you'd done more? Risked more? Participated more?

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