Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Lamb

Every week we somehow misplace the baby Jesus in our nativity set. (everyone loves holding baby Jesus). This morning we're missing the lamb that accompanies the shepherd. After last night's Christmas message, I find this somehow appropriate.....

"When they found Jesus in the manger as the angel said, the very location of his birth was drenched in significance. The Savior had been born into their unclean world in the same manner as a lamb. The symbolism was not lost on them.

When the shepherds saw Jesus there, they not only saw that he had come, but they also got a hint as to why. He came to be the the perfect lamb, the ultimate, lasting sacrifice. This baby's coming was to accomplish and establish peace between the God of all creation and his image-bearers who habitually rejected him.

And so it would be all his days.

From the manger in Bethlehem to the cross on Calvary, Jesus moved among the people, came into their homes, touched their blind eyes, and permitted their unfaithful hands to touch him. He taught them profound lessons from ordinary events. He defended the defenseless and opposed the self-righteous. He ate at their tables, laughed with their children, and wept over their grief.

Never did he abandon his purpose for coming, which was to die for a world of spirit-poor outsiders as the Lamb of God who takes their sin away. Jesus was born poor. He lived poor. And he died poor for the sake of his people.....

- From Behold the Lamb of God: An Advent Narrative by Russ Ramsey

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