Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Crazy to Lend

I just purchased my third copy of Crazy Love by Francis Chan. The first time I read it I posted on Facebook that I had finished it, was asked what I thought about it and promptly asked if I'd loan it out.

Of course! It's too good not to share.

That was nearly a year ago. So, back in October I bought another copy, put it on my bookshelf, then, on a whim, brought it to the women's retreat with me. Somehow his book came up in conversation and I mentioned that I had it with me. Again, it was asked if I could lend it out.

Of course! It's too good not to share.

(never mind it was a perfectly brand new copy I hadn't even opened yet)

This is a book I'd love everyone to read. I should buy copies to give as gifts, as I love Mr. Chan's insights and passion. He backs up his thoughts with multiple passages of scripture, and written in an easy to understand yet convicting way that makes one WANT to be a believer in word as well as deed.

So, I purchased a new copy. It should be here on Saturday. I already have someone that wants to borrow it.

Of course? It's too good to share?

How much is too much? I just want to keep my own copy on my bookshelf!!

But truly.... it is too good not to share.

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