Sunday, March 14, 2010

Weekend Ritual

I confess: I don't believe I've ever made pancakes or waffles. EVER. I'm not a breakfast eater; don't like eggs, toast, pancakes and all that. So, I simply don't make breakfast.

My family LOVES breakfast and luckily David is a wonderful breakfast cook, especially when it involves Bisquick. Before kids, he'd make himself breakfast, and now that we have kids, every Saturday morning is a pancake of waffle morning, only now, David doesn't have to make the batter; the kids also have the recipe memorized. If we have to miss this breakfast tradition, my kids are very, very sad.

This morning I was playing with a nice camera that was on loan to us, and lacked any interesting subject to early in the morning so I took photos of Reid and Katie at the breakfast table and realized that I just might have some OCD kids. (I'm teasing)

Reid, like I do often, has to cut on the waffle lines. Of course, to me this makes perfect sense because it keeps the syrup in it's proper place. He was meticulously cutting on the lines. This is pretty typical of him; he works slowly and so painstakingly to perfect much of what he does at school and at home.

Katie is rarely afraid to get messy, so I was surprised to see her also taking her time to fill every single square of her waffle with syrup. It took a LONG time. I wonder if it made it taste better?

I love these mornings.

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