Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day Triathlon

Last Sunday I chose to cheer my husband on in his first olympic distance triathlon attempt. I'm sure I had more fun than he did! No; I'm joking. He had a wonderful time, and I had to round up 3 kids wherever I went, which was definitely not fun, but I brought plenty of drinks and snacks.

My plan was to be down at the lake before the swim started. I love crowd shots and thought it'd be a cool photo. Only it was a bit difficult getting my kids out of the house. I finally did so and knew we'd miss the beginning of the swim. (but got a phone call from a friend saying they were about 20 minutes behind schedule) Still, I missed the swim and knew I had.

On the way to the lake I realized that I was on the same course as the bike portion of the triathlon. Perfect! I decided to pull over and take pictures on the side of the road of all the cyclists. I'm bored so I started just shooting pictures of everyone. I thought it'd be good practice, as well as keeping me busy. My kids were cheering the athletes on, and it was fun seeing their reaction. Some of the athletes waved, others smiled, all seemed happy to hear them cheer.

I realized about 30 shots into things that my ISO was set to 3200! Way too high or a bright sunny day where the max would be 400. Not a problem,I changed it and things got better. I shot a few hundred pictures and heard David's voice calling out to us and the kids. Too late for a photo. (but looking at my random shots of people I don't know revealed I actually did get an okay shot of him racing) I stayed a bit longer, hoping to get a photo of another friend when I realized I filled up my CF card Of course, just then my friend raced by, calling out my name and waving. I felt so bad, I got in the car, went a few miles up the road and finally got a few mediocre photos of my friend, as well as several of others. My kids were pretty bored by now and clamored to go to the park. I think they actually thought we'd play at the park. Nope. It's all about the photo opportunity!

Had to park what seemed to be miles away but it was only half a mile at most, all this with about 18 pounds of photo gear on my back. Since this was my first triathlon viewing, I messed up and thought I was along the running path when I guess I wasn't. So I sat, waiting patiently for David and about 2 hours and 45 minutes into it thought it could not be taking him this long! He thought it was quite feasible to finish in under 2 hours and 30 minutes. Eventually I realized my error and went over to the finish line. I missed him! He'd come in quite a bit earlier.

Since he had some time to cool down, he looked great. He was dry. (but a bit salty) and I don't think anyone would guess he'd just finished a triathlon. He asked if I was thirsty and got me a strange non carbonated energy drink. What? No Diet Coke? Bummer. Saw a few of his friends, began chatting with them and listening to their varied stories. It was fun. My kids found other kids to play with and we all had a wonderful time being together and talking. It was a great way to spend a Sunday. I may never go back to church. (I'm joking)

Then it was time to go home. It was Father's day and we had a lot of other stuff on our plates with Grandparents and all that. So I trekked back the mile to my car and David rode his bike home and made it home before we did.

I asked David if he'd do it again and he said yes, but happy it was over with none on the schedule. But tonight I caught him looking online for an olympic distance tri in August or September and he went on a run and for a swim tonight.

Oh; he did very well. He missed his goal of under 2:30 but it turns out the run was a full mile more than what it should have been; I believe he was doing around 7:30 minute miles, so a the very least factor that in and he did accomplish his goal of under 2:30.

I love my husband, and not just because he's athletic and good at things like this. I just love him. He can be pretty competitive but is also one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet.


  1. Looking through your random pictures of strangers on the Tri, I see that a lot of riders had the same reaction I did, except that I knew this crazy lady sitting on the side of the road, and her 3 little ones that were playing, waving and cheering! YOU are to funny, cause imagine my surprise when a few miles down the road, there you are again, and the kids screaming my name (yes I'm trying to make D jealous...haha.)

    You do have an incredibly nice husband, I finished an hour slower than him, but he was ecstatic that I finished (hmm, maybe I should rethink that one????) and it did not matter one bit the time. It was soo good to be there with him and my son and daughter-in-law at the finish.

    The photo of the four of us will always be a treasured memory! Now on to more, so hes hooked and August is on the radar, woohooo!!!

    Thanks again for cheering, for the photos and for the friendship. It was a great Father's day!

  2. Hi Clyde,
    I agree; it was much more fun with good friends. (besides, I took more photos of you than I did my own husband!)

    We all had a great time cheering on the athletes, and hope to do so again. Think you can do the SF Tri in July?