Friday, June 12, 2009

Jumping In With Both Feet

I never thought I'd blog. I so enjoy other's blogs and yet never felt I had anything to say that others would like to read.

That may still hold true, but I thought I'd try. I've discovered the joy I have in writing out my thoughts, questions, and observations. This will be a very random blog.

I've named it Illustrated Queries for now, because my life is filled with questions. Unfortunately blogs are not supposed to be about a blogger posing questions; blogs are supposed to be about answers or someone's opinion and thus what they feel are answers. I have no answers. Just queries. I label this blog "Illustrated" because my other passion besides questions is photography. I'm not particularly good at writing or photography but these are two things I absolutely love and want to share.

So, if you are reading this, beware that this will be a jumbled, random, mediocre blog of my musings, queries, doubts, indignation, happiness, etc. Little slices of my life. And my life rarely makes sense.

I hope you enjoy it but even more than that, I hope I do too.


  1. Hey Victoria, I look forward to reading your thoughts and questions! I know that you always pose some great questions, and illicit much thought, so should be very interesting.

  2. Thanks Clyde!

    We'll see how much thought I illicit, or how great my questions are.