Monday, June 21, 2010


Change is one of those strange things. Some people love change; others are fearful. For me, it depends on the situation. If I'm not altogether happy about something, then change seems more appealing. If I'm content and happy, then change is scary! What if I don't like it as much as how things are currently? What if it makes me uncomfortable? What if......?

There are some things that I can't control and change; there are others that I need to change, and there are things that need changing but I'm not quite aware or ready to change them.

I do think it is interesting that oftentimes others can see what needs to be changed well before I do! Why are some things so obvious to everyone but the person that counts?

I have heard it said that change is a choice. I have to say, that scares me a bit. I'm not sure I have the willpower and a bit upset that the people that can successfully change are those that are driven.

I've just been thinking about change lately and really have no answers yet.


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  2. Change?! I'm not a big fan of change, not since moving to America 15 years ago. Interesting that you wrote that change is a choice. I've predominately viewed change as a lack of choice and something that happens to me, as opposed to something that I initiate. However, this is something that I've come to realize as a flaw and that in certain areas I need to be more proactive in making the change, as opposed to being reactive to the change.

    I do much better when I dictate the change. Case in point being when I was younger and still in high school, my mum thoughtfully rearranged my room (something we had spoken about). However, she did it while I was at school to surprise me. Boy did it ever. I had to move the furniture and everything back to it's original position and then make the changes myself to be comfortable in the room. I'm not quite as sensitive nowadays, but it's still there below the surface :)

  3. Yes, I don't really like change. Since that post I realized that I'm not at all good at change, unless it is initiated by me and even then I don't usually initiate change.

    Some change is definitely thrust upon a person without choice, but in the end, I think we are faced with an array of choices, sadly I still go into them not liking it!