Monday, June 14, 2010


I think I'm being punished. Last May I signed up for Amazon Prime. For 79 dollars a year, you are eligible for free 2 day shipping. I am an impatient person so I signed up. All was well until they began to ship books to me with a new, different carrier. The first time the package did not arrive when it was slated to. I checked the status and it said it had been left on the door step. It wasn't true. Bewildered, I called customer service because it was so strange; I'd been home all day, never saw a vehicle dropping off parcels, nothing and yet, had it been stolen? After looking for a phone number to call on their website, I finally found one and called them up.

It so happens that even though the carrier SAID they'd left it on my doorstop, it was "delayed." Honestly, I don't think this carrier knew where I live. That's my theory. The next 3 days I had more packages due with this carrier and none arrived even remotely on time. Add to that, this carrier routinely just places it on my step without knocking or making me aware it is there, and they have even delivered as late as 7:30 at night! Just when I gave up checking, it finally arrives. Sometimes I'd find it in the morning; it had been out all night.

I though the reason I paid 79 dollars was for Free 2 day shipping? Yet..... in a course of a week only one of my packages made it to me on time and that was the one sent via UPS. When I called customer service to complain and cancel my Prime Membership I was told that since I'd used it for half a year they could not reimburse me or give me my money back for the remainder of the year.

I was not happy! Why pay for this service if it did not deliver on its promises (pun intended)

Add to that, I figured out that I spend way more money with the convenience of having my books arrive in two days, plus, I wanted to get my money's worth. (I'm sure I did)

When my Prime subscription ended I decided not to renew. It made more sense; surely I could wait the 5 to 8 business days for a book's arrival.

I think I'm being punished! I placed an order on June 4th and June 5th. One was a gift for a friend's graduation from Stanford. When I placed the order the estimated arrival seemed like June 10th. Late but not too bad. I could handle that. However, I waited for it to ship and it did not. Finally I got an email saying it was shipping, apologizing for the delay and the new estimated delivery time was June 19th! Add to that it is going USPS and there's not actual tracking information. I have no idea when it will arrive.

I'm mad at you Amazon! Oh, how I love your prices, and I loved Amazon Prime if it actually worked. I am a patient, understanding person but too many packages were late or even missing! The only explanation given was you have no control over when the package shows up; it's in the hands of the carrier. I can handle that excuse once or twice but I had so many problems, not knowing if my package was lost, stolen, or ever going to show up!

So now I'm dealing with Super Saver Shipping. Only this isn't living up to what is stated either. 2 shipments, and both were delayed!

Amazon, I really like you. I like your user interface, I like your readers reviews and how you make it all so easy and fun to shop. But I'm so tempted to find another place to buy my books. Someone that keeps their promises and actually CARES.


  1. Hmmm. We have Amazon Prime too (have had it for about a year) and have yet to experience any delivery problems and so far all our packages have been UPS delivery. Although now having said this our next package will probably be late.
    Good luck receiving your packages!!

  2. Thanks Ellie! When they ship it UPS it works great! I know my UPS guy by name.... it is when they use a carrier called ON TRAC that I've had multiple problems.

    I hope you always have a great experience. I usually love Amazon until the past 6 months.