Friday, June 11, 2010

Only Just Begun......

Today as the first day of what I consider Summer. Of course, Summer doesn't officially begin until later this month but to me, it has begun: School is out!

Yesterday was the last day of school for my 3 kids. I can't believe how fast it has flown by! Katie started as a baby, just a little short, four year old, and now she's going to be a First Grader come this fall! Reid will be in Second, and my oldest.... how can this be? How can I have a Fifth Grader?

Oh my! It is going by too fast. Way too fast!

My little munchkins had a truly special year; all with wonderful teachers that appreciated them and got to really get to know and enjoy them. When I pause to really evaluate my kids on a deeper level I see how uniquely special they are. On the surface, it is easy to pinpoint that Conor loves science, thinking things through, and is a tremendous reader. Reid is a natural athlete, and Katie is so sweet and loves unity and making folks happy. She instantly makes friends with others. Yet I think the teachers got to learn more than these things about them this year. I'm quite excited about next year, though I know it wont' be easy for the three of them.... new challenges, new friends and teachers. It will be exciting.

The last week of school was more "party" than anything else. I realized a bit late that I needed to get gifts for the teachers; they had surely deserved it! I dashed to Starbucks for gift cards. The guy behind the cash register explained they were out of the little envelopes but offered to put them in a coffee cup. Actually I think it was even better having something the kids could hold. One teacher actually though Reid was giving her coffee!

So now it begins.... Summer! Luckily I have lots of plans: an amusement park, various local parks, some weeks in the mountains, a trip to the desert, a few of David's remaining triathlons, David's 2 month sabbatical.... this is going to be fun!

Or is it?


  1. Really like the idea of the gift card in the Starbucks cup, plus your photo of the three cups looked pretty cool :)

  2. Thanks Ellie! Katie's teacher thought it was so creative.... little did she know that it was out of necessity!