Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Don't Give Up

The word for today is "road" and my first thought was my road bike.

First, I have a beautiful road bike. I'd never heard of the brand "LOOK" but after test riding several bikes, my favorite was this beautiful white bike. Since it was the fifth bike I tried out, there's a chance that one of the reasons I liked it most was because I was simply becoming more relaxed at riding bikes in general, but I also believe that it simply was a nicer bike to ride. It certainly was the more expensive of all the bikes I tried out! It cost more than my first car, which doesn't say much because my first car costed me about 1000.

Though I love my bike and love how cute it is, how lightweight it is and all that, I'm a bit afraid of it too. Being married to a cyclist, I am well aware of how scary it can be and how many near misses David's had, and he's a highly skilled rider! It just seems so ominous that I will crash someday, and that scares me. Of course, I have fallen a number of times, but only because I haven't clipped out of my pedals correctly.

Sunday I took my bike out on the road to do the course of a race I'm planning on participating in (notice I didn't say "compete"). a race. It's a big hill (that's a relative term but for me... it is a BIG hill!) and last time I tried I turned around. Sunday, with a lot of encouragement from David, I managed to go up the whole thing without stopping. I wanted to stop, but I started playing the songs that I hear in spin class.... Michael W. Smith's "Don't Give Up" song kept playing in my head.

Before I did the race course I was seriously thinking of not following through with the triathlon that I had committed to several months ago. I know I can swim, now I feel I can bike. The only thing I can't do is the 3 mile run. But... I can walk it. I don't want to walk it, but I can do that.

So this is my "road" post. I wish I could think of something deep and meaningful to tie it to, but right now I'm simply excited that I'm not giving up.

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