Monday, January 18, 2010

Wild Mustard

The forecast is dreary: Wet and windy weather for the next week, if not longer. Although the news predicts torrential rain, in my experience around here the rain is punctuated by clearing. Today was the first day of the storm but by the early afternoon it did indeed lighten up.

Normally I'm pretty protective of my camera yet that doesn't stop me from taking it to hostile places and situations: the beach, the rain, etc, especially these days because I secretly would LOVE to upgrade to a Canon 5d.

Still, I waited until the rain eased up a bit before piling the kids in the car and ransacked Katie's closet for a fun dress to wear. I chose an apron dress that is funky and fun, especially with frog rainboots. It was a hard decision: Ladybug rainboots or frogs? I let her choose. Looking back I think the ladybug ones would've been a better choice.

I loaded the car up with a chair, doll, and bear and a few other props and soon we were at the field. It's a beautiful field sandwiched between a newly constructed building and another construction site. I've seen it for months now, watching the vibrant yellow mustard flowers grow amid what looks like remnants of an old orchard. I keep thinking that it's just a matter of time before this field is razed.

Of course, as soon as we arrived my boys pointed out that it was raining. It was but not too bad. I grabbed the chair and my camera, then started trudging through the field. It was VERY muddy! Such a beautiful setting, with even, overcast lighting with an occasional ray of sun. Within 30 minutes I had filled my CF card with over 300 photos, then realized that my kids were so very muddy! I was happy though because the photos seemed really fun and I couldn't wait to get home to play with them.

I wish now I'd have been able to take more photos! It was just a beautiful, perfect day. I'm going back tomorrow. Truly, I am so smitten by vast fields of mustard flowers. I look forward to the spring every year just so I can enjoy the photo opportunity in such wonderful flowers.

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