Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Random Ramblings

It is nearing 1 am, Im baking pumpkin bread and waiting for some laundry to finish up. The dishwasher is being run and the house is predictably quiet. My nice warm down comforter bed is beckoning me but I have to finish up! I want to say "unfortunately" I have prayer in the morning, but I consider that a blessing and a privilege, never "unfortunate." I can't wait for prayer in the morning. It remains one of the highlights of my week. Not sure why, but it is.

Back in August my husband decided to do some work in the house and we tore out a wall, repainted, replaced some appliances and put in laminate flooring. Though we still have a LOT to do, last week we arranged the furniture, still tentatively, but at least it's not all just clumped together in the middle of the room! We also put our TV back in its old location for now.... had to do that so we could see the World Series.

The past few days I've been having fun spending money. It really has been fun! I hate paying full price so I've been haunting all the discount stores. Can you believe all my dishes are 16 years old? They're all wedding presents! Over the years we've lost a few so now we're down to about 5 cereal bowls and plates. I've been doing dishes constantly. So yesterday I found a good deal on dinnerware and bought service for 12! I guess I should do some entertaining! I also replaced our cutlery that was missing quite a few spoons. Not sure where they go, but I was missing a lot of spoons. Now I have 12!

Back in Seattle we had a down comforter but I think I gave it away, but I still had a cream matelasse duvet cover and had been using it as a bedspread but recently purchased a new comforter. I chose a 600 fill with 450 thread count one over the 545 fill because I thought it was a "better deal." It was... but I have to say that the 600 fill comforter is pretty warm! I love it.... it is so cozy. I also decided to replace the old sheets, pillowcases, and changed the accent color of the room and bought a lot of throw pillows. My bed looks like a Grown-Up's bed now. (seriously... that is what David calls it) Of course, there's still a teddy bear permanently there. I like it. I look at my bed and it makes me happy now. I even enjoy making it in the morning.

Today I assembled 2 Ikea night stands. David's had a night stand for the past 15 years but I hadn't... until now. I still need to get a bedside lamp. Right now it just has a potted plant (fake) on it and several books. And a seagrass basket underneath. I'm not very good at assembling furniture... I guess I don't pay good enough attention. Regardless, it is done and I like it.

Oh, I bought way too much: lamps, a new utensil holder for the kitchen, a real potted plant (along with a few more artificial ones) A vase,... it was all so much fun. I also decided to replace some towels. As I went through my closet to rid the old ones, I realized that several (once again) were wedding gifts over 16 years ago! And they weren't top of the line Nordstrom or Macy's ones; they were simple ones from Mervyns, a store that no longer even exists! Some were from when we purchased this house, about 9 years ago. 16 years and 9 years is a long time for towels, so I feel okay replacing them, as well as the hand towels and wash cloths.

There's still a lot to do, but my house is starting to look like a home. The biggest thing it lacks right now is photos. I've hardly any photos in my house.... and I call myself a photographer! Crazy! I did buy some frames.... for 16.99 each! Amazingly, I can buy a framed print at TJ Maxx for about the same price!

Sorry for the incoherent rambling. I'm tired and I have to wait for the pumpkin bread to be done. And maybe just one more load of laundry, and.......

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