Sunday, July 25, 2010

Everything Is Relative

I don't believe in relativity; I tend to believe in absolutes...but I have to admit that certain things change and are not constant even when they are constant!

What do I mean?

Right now I'm in Palm Desert and it is between 106 and 109 degrees right now! In fact, my iPhone says that today's high is 106 yet it says that currently it is 109. Don't ask me how it makes sense, but it is Technology and Technology follows a logic all its own and we do not criticize the iPhone or Apple because it is akin to a precious child to me.

Where I live, if it was even 80 in my house I'd turn the A/C on because 80 is too hot inside. Here, when I entered the condo it was 79 and felt refreshingly cool, yet at my house I'd still think it was too warm! Usually my thermostat is set to 76 in the summer and here in the desert, 76 is almost too cold inside! Why? Because the temperature outside is so hot that 76 or even 78 seems cold!

It is relative. And yet, the temperature itself is an absolute; a constant. 78 here is the exact same 78 anywhere. What has changed is the surroundings, not the temperature.

I have no idea what my point is right now. I'm probably suffering from heatstroke or something! But I so struggle with the concept of things being relative and changing based on the person's view or individual truth and right now, I can almost see how, in small ways, I can concede to: yes, things are relative and yet constant at the same time.

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