Tuesday, July 27, 2010


We're in Palm Desert and it is HOT but we like it. (or do we?) It is only Tuesday and we've stocked our condo with more food than we could ever eat in a week, (thank you costco) Actually, that was a mistake because part of the adventure is eating out and trying new places. We've been to the pool at least a dozen times. (did you know if you fail to return your towel it is automatically charged to your room..... at 10 dollars a towel? They must be making a fortune because most folks leave their towels on the chairs) We have seen Despicable Me at the movies and even bought popcorn and a diet coke. I should've taken a photo; the soda cup was almost bucket sized! We finally went out to dinner last night, to a Mexican restaurant where we were the only under 50 couple in the place, especially with kids. I was surprised to see how several of the older folks delighted in seeing my children. It is really sweet and reminds me of how (many) older folks really love children. My 2 boys are now the proud bearers of a year membership to the local skateboard park, run by the recreation center. (it was only 5 dollars each) They had a great time figuring out how to maneuver their boards in and around the cement area. I made the mistake of buying popsicles at costco so I am actually giving my kids 2 popsicles a day in an attempt to get rid of them by Friday. There is a Desert Cycling Club that has group rides Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday so David joined in Saturday and this morning. Had a great time riding with some really strong riders. We went to visit a church service Saturday night and my kids did not want to leave. Seriously, they are still asking if they can go to that church. Still on our list of things to do is the Soak City water park. We've never been. There is a free movie playing at 10 today and tomorrow we could go to at the movie theatre that is less than a mile away. David and the boys brought their golf clubs so I see at least a bucket of balls being hit this week.

In the past we've gone on the Aerial Tram up to the much cooler mountain air, the Air Museum, The Living Desert, to the River (shopping area with a movie theatre) and out to dinner at several locations. Oh, and the mall. And a bookstore. And Costco. (Is costco considered a "destination?")

Interspersed in this vacation, luckily, is a lot of time to relax. My kids all have composition books that I got at walmart for a quarter. (got to love back to school sales) I also picked up a few packs of crayola markers and crayons so they are having fun writing and drawing in their "journal." Each kid has a book, though Katie pointed out that she can't read. David has 2 books and I brought 12. (that is no exaggeration) Yet I still lustily perused the book section at costco, showing amazing restraint, reminding myself that I had a dozen books that I really should read first before purchasing any more.

Lazy but good vacation!


  1. Which Mexican joint did you visit? I'm trying to live vicariously through you since I miss home! :)

  2. Janny, I had a coupon/certificate for a place near the UC campus...... Casa Mendoza. The service was amazingly friendly and the food was good. It might be a newer place..... the whole area seemed rather new.