Friday, July 30, 2010

Too Much of a Good Thing?

I love books; love to read. This is my vacation so I perhaps over-indulged in reading this week. I thought I could read a book a day but it turns out i only read 4 this week. (so far)

i have a few I've still not read sitting on my bookshelf. Tuesday evening D and I hired a sitter so we could go to a movie and to dinner. The plan was to see "inception." Since we we'd be going in about 10 minutes late, we opted not to go at all. I had heard it was a film one had to pay careful attention to and thought it could be a film that if you did not see the beginning you'd be really lost. Even more lost than normal.

After dinner we spotted a bookstore and went in. I love the smell of bookstores, as long as they are not old and musty. (though i also loved an older bookstore called Elliot Bay in Seattle...... it had a very different feel and smell but it was a good smell, not an ugly, dark smell)

David went to the magazines while I journeyed over to several different areas. First Literature. I am contemplating buying a new copy of To Kill a Mockingbird and wanted to see and feel the book. I was surprised they did not have it specially highlighted; it being its 50th anniversary and all. Next to the Religious section. I was surprised; it was way bigger than the bookstores in my area and had a good assortment of books. You could tell which were the "popular" books because they had those well stocked: titles such as Purpose Driven Life, Wild at Heart and Captivating were all fully stocked, and they had many "lesser known" but excellent books too. There were a few that tempted me but..... I really dislike paying full price! So I go and look and feel and browse but in the past have done my shopping via Amazon. Plus, I talked myself out of buying any book because i still have books I have yet to read.

So..... why did I place an order at Westminster Bookstore for a few more books? Because I love a sale? Because I've been eying at least one of the collections for a few months now? Did I mention it was on sale? 45 % off? 50% off?

3 of the collections I ordered total 800 pages. EACH. Plus about 4 more "regular sized" books. i'll be set for a while!

it is a good feeling. Now I have to wait for them to be delivered, but I'm already excited because lately Amazon hasn't even been shipping my 'super saver" shipping qualified books for a whole week. These books from Westmister were ordered late Wednesday night and shipped the next day via UPS. (Amazon has been shipping mine USPS)

I am really liking this.

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