Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

It's nearly thanksgiving. My daughter emerged from her kindergarten class Tuesday wearing a pilgrim's bonnet her class made out of construction paper. It was pink. Somehow I don't picture pilgrims wearing pink but it made her very happy. The boys in her class wore a typical pilgrim's tophat with the prerequisite gold buckle. The other class were all indians, with an indian headdress of construction "feathers" and a fringed vest made out of a brown grocery bag. I think she secretly wanted to be an indian but the pink bonnet was pretty cool too.

This morning was similar to most mornings, except David was off work! He and Conor awoke early to go for a mountain bike ride, and not just an easy ride, a nice challenging one! Still, not challenging enough for David who is already planning on either going for another ride later or a run. I'm sure they will have a wonderful time; my 10 year old has really been looking forward to this. I awoke a bit later but they were still around, the aroma of eggs and toast in the air and the garage door open as they were putting more air in their tires and other little last minute preparations for this rather chilly bike ride.

After catching a glimpse of the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade, Katie figured out that today was Thanksgiving and joyfully stated shouting, "Thanksgiving! I love Thanksgiving! When are we going to Grandpa and Grandmas?" She even joyfully put her hands up as in victory. THANKSGIVING!

I received a note on Facebook from a friend thanking my family for our friendship. Also on Facebook I've read so many thankful posts. Some cited things that they were thankful for that I'm not sure in the past they would have been so acutely aware of it to be thankful. Things like employment; a gratefulness to have a job and food; a home. Basic things.

Indeed; I am quite thankful for so much. A wonderful reminder of gratitude. Spending time with family, enjoying the abundance of great food and drink. (I'm bringing my own diet Coke) Truly this is going to be a special day!

Our Thanksgiving agenda? Besides the bike ride David and Conor are embarking on as I type this, we'll go to my inlaws home up in the mountains. It's truly a special place. The air is crisp, trees so green. They'll be a fire in both fireplaces and the table will be set in a creative, lovely, absolutely perfect way, for 14 people, perhaps more! Lots of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, two types of stuffing (if tradition is repeated) lots of perfectly cooked vegetables and the highlight: Thanksgiving Rolls! Homemade bow-knot rolls, with an orange "icing" on top. Yum! This is a huge family tradition and will be repeated later for the Christmas Run. Of course, there'll be dessert, a homemade everything-from-scratch pumpkin pie and another dessert. Peet's coffee. I'm sure I'm forgetting something

Today we'll just enjoy family and each other. Tomorrow we'll go back to the in-laws for some more family togetherness and we'll decorate the tree and I'll take photos of the tree being decorated. We'll have the most satisfying, wonderful soup ever: My Mother (In-laws) turkey tortilla soup. Ah, it's just perfect. I love this tradition!

What are your favorite family traditions? What are you thankful for?

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