Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No Understanding

I don't get it.

There's grace. We're supposed to have great freedom and liberty in Christ. Yet we are still called to obey, right? I know that there are so many issues that are gray areas..... areas of Christian liberty that we all define differently. I know some that don't celebrate Hallowe'en. I know of friends that only listen to Christian music. I know of some that pride modesty to the point that they refuse to even go to the beach because people wear swimsuits there and he thinks that is immodest. I know there are several other controversial issues that I failed to mention.

I don't want to be legalistic and I don't want to be live in a "christian ghetto" of sanitized, christianized versions of the world. I want to engage in culture yet I wonder how to do that in a right way? I have expectations of how a "Christian" should behave but is that right? Are we all called to live a life above reproach and what does that really mean? It varies for everyone! To some it means we can't "do" anything. To others, we should be "doing" everything that outsiders do. How can there be unity when there are so many views?

That's my post for today.

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