Friday, November 20, 2009

I Have Questions

This is not news for most that know me. I constantly have questions. I'm quite annoying. Really. Ask anyone. I simply have a lot of questions. Right now I have 4 in my head that I don't understand, yet the one I want to address right now is about Prayer and God's provision.

About a year ago, I read a biography called Francis Schaeffer: An Authentic Life. It was absolutely fascinating; I really enjoyed it and it was my first introduction to Francis Schaeffer. After reading about him, I wanted to read his books.

In his biography there were several times that he and his wife would pray for things; for God to provide in many ways, such as money, etc. Only they hardly ever announced their need. They felt to announce and tell people their need that it wasn't quite trusting God; this way they could be assured that their answer t prayer was God and all the glory went to Him.

I'm not sure I agreed with his sentiments; aren't we the "hands and feet" of Christ? Aren't we how He blesses others and provides for others? Isn't it right to let others know of our needs in the body? How can someone know if they aren't being told of a need?

I haven't a clue, actually. I don't feel it is wrong to alert others of a need or have them pray for a specific thing or outcome; yet I do know in my own life I don't fully give God the glory as when something happens without my telling others of the need. For me, by not telling that is total reliance on God and it's amazing what happens out of it. I know for myself I have a tendency to take charge of my problems, work on fixing them it my way without relying or being open to God's way. Or I want someone else to fix my problems.

How much of things are WE supposed to do and fight for and at what point do we resort to silence before God? How much of something is OUR will and how much is GOD'S will? How can we know the difference?

At church last Sunday my pastor talked about money, just a bit. He's an actor and reprised his role of "Pastor Fakker" Oh, it was funny. He quoted the "verse" God helps those who help themselves" and there was much laughter. Yet.... I think we are all so guilty of that.

I don't think it's wrong to rely on others or do fight for things we want and feel we need to do, but I wonder.... how responsible are we? If God is sovereign and His will shall be accomplished anyways, what is our role? I'm not advocating fatalism or giving up or not trying; I still think that God has commanded us to work diligently, obey His commands, share the gospel, give and share with each other, provided for those that can't provide for themselves and of course pray, but I do wonder when is it, or if it is, appropriate to just relax sometimes. To pray quietly. To not reveal the need and see how God provides.

What do you think? Really; I've no idea. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. I have stories of God's provision both ways. Sometimes it seems more magical when no one knows and then it just happens. But in reality, no 'has to help' anyone or me. But I do need to listne so I can be a source of provision. Sometimes its like a hammer on my head, where someone asked, and I just had to do something. Other times no one asks but I get the idea I am supposed to do something and i do...and well the person is touched ulitmately by God. So both ways work, they just need to be straight forward. For insance when you went to the women's retreat, they chose you to get the ticket...others need was known, but yours was met, because that was where you needed to be. I love the magic of God...sometimes it is hard and not logical, othertimes it is common sense, and many times there is this mystery of How did they know? thank you for your post.