Monday, November 30, 2009


I want a reset button. Wouldn't that be nice? To start with a clean slate? To be perfect again and not have any blemish until, well, until the inevitable mistake is made!

A part of me wonders of the abuse that would be made if there was a year where things were "reset" and all things started afresh. Like one's credit card. Would people spend like crazy knowing that their debts would be canceled? If there was no consequences to our actions would we behave differently? If you knew that you'd be forgiven no matter what, would you be even more tempted to sin and make mistakes if there were no long term effects?

A friend of mine had weight loss surgery. She was pretty big prior and now she's tiny. I looked at her the other day, completely envious. In a way, it's not fair. How come one has to be severely overweight to be rewarded by getting thin more easily? I know; she did a lot of work. She exercised, she ate less but she had help. In a way I think of it as an unfair advantage and she was rewarded for being big. There is no weight loss help for a person that is heavy in a "normal" range. I know there was a price to be paid for her decision to have surgery but in less than 8 months she's lost 120 pounds! I just want to lose 30 and it's not working.

She now says that since she's at her goal weight, here's to a life of healthy eating and exercise. I want the same thing: To easily "reset" myself to an acceptable, happy weight. I know that if i magically lost 30 pounds in a month, I'd be able to maintain that loss. It's getting there that is the hard part for me.

And while we're at it, I'd love a reset button with my kids. To take back all the harsh words and have them not have any lasting impact on them and no guilt over what I said. I want all those library books that were overdue to experience something like the biblical jubilee days where all debts are forgiven. Or all the other things that I look back on and wonder: why did I do that?

It just seems that sometimes things just grow too big and too overwhelming to control, and wouldn't it be nice to just start anew? Sometimes it seems the demolition is the hardest part. All the debris and rubble that one has to sift though, clear out, get rid of, to finally start right again.

How about you? Do you wish there was a reset button? Is reset the same as restore or is it different?

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  1. As I thought about your post what came to mind was:"Reset to restore is good, reset because of regret is not as good. But there is always redemption. I guess we can always come back and restore if there is regret. I am in a philosophical mood this morning so don't read much into it :) Enjoy your day!