Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Wordy Post

Words are funny. I really like words but sometimes I say a word and it sounds so...... strange! So strange to say. I wonder why words are what they are. I was talking with a friend who wondered why Adam named certain animals what they are: Giraffe. Zebra. Lemur. Ummmm..... does my friend even realize that the Bible we love and read from is translated from another language? It reminds me of some that believe the the King James Version is the only truly inspired Bible.

As I was reading through my blog posts from the other day I thought of words. I like words. My 10 year old has always had a gift for using unique words. People enjoy his vast vocabulary. It sounds so impressive. I don't speak well but I write. I enjoy writing. I also notice other's misspellings. I know I'm not immune from mistakes; I have plenty of misspellings and mistypes. I also know I misspell lots of words.

The thing that struck me funny is that I generally spell things correctly. I've always been a very good speller. So I notice misspellings and I don't correct people.

I wonder if people think that my correct spellings are incorrect? They'd be wrong, of course, but does that matter? Today at prayer my pastor remarked that opinions were like belly buttons; everyone has one. (I've heard this before..... from him) I chimed in that yeah, but some (my) opinions are always right! Everyone laughed but it's true. We all think we're right, regardless of what is truth.... and in this postmodern society, truth doesn't even really matter these days. It's all opinion and experience.

So, even though I have correctly spelled something right, does it even matter if the the person never realizes that its correct? In their mind, I'm wrong, they are right. It won't matter who is actually correct. I can definitely see why there are many different variations of "reality" in this world.

I don't know. There's a part of me that does feel I am right and yet I know that in this situation, the others will never realize that I'm right. (trust me: I'm right!) So I can live in my bitterness and cry out this injustice but does it even really matter if they never realize it?

I try to let it go.... but then I become insistent: Why should I "let it go" when I'm the right one here? Yet it's destroying me. Even though the truth and reality is that I'm right. (In My Opinion, but I truly am!)

Words are funny. Words are harsh. They can lead to understanding and confusion at the same time. They can hurt, they can heal. Words are powerful and a good reminder to watch what I type. And say.

(Photo taken by my 5 year old daughter)

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