Tuesday, April 13, 2010


First, an explanation of my photo:

Both diet coke cans are mine. I started bringing 2 or 3 diet cokes with me so I'd be able to share them.

No one wanted them, so I'd wind up drinking all three.

First, because it was unexpected, memorable and rather shocking. Secondly because it simply gave me something to do. I wasn't all that comfortable and drinking cokes gave me a purpose.

Also in the photo is my workbook and my ESV Study Bible. It is a BIG Bible and I must say I love it. Even better is that it came with access to a free ESV Study Bible online software. I never thought I'd use it but it turns out, I find it invaluable. I still enjoy the feel of a "real" Bible but for looking a lot of verses it and some commentary on it, I love the online version.

My James Study ended last week and the group had a potluck and ending session at the Leader's home. I almost did not attend because I wasn't able to come for most of the 18 week session. Still, I was invited and so I went. It wasn't easy. Usually I don't love large groups. Usually if I'm going to be late somewhere I'd just not go.

I attended anyway; so glad I did! However, I realized that I missed so much by not making attending Bible Study a priority. Before you think I'm a "heathen" let me say that I also attend a Thursday study on Colossians. I'm not lacking in Bible study. What I am lacking is community.

I chose to distance myself from these women; convinced that I wasn't like them or a part of them or had any sense of belonging or common ground with them.

Why? Because I'm not really a "girly girl" and many of these women I viewed that way. Or some other excuse.

Yet, that closing session, I was able to see that we have so much common ground! A huge commonality: Christ. Church. Love and faith.

I don't know why it finally hit me..... was it being in a warm, comfortable home with a fire in the fireplace? Was it the ease and hospitality of the leader/host and the others? Was it the yummy food and dessert?

Not sure but as I sat there, listening to the others share how much studying James in this group was, I realized how special they are all. I realized that I belong. I'm accepted and might actually fit in.

Just Might.

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