Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Search for God and Guinness

I generally enjoy books that are about real people or events, and this book, The Search for God and Guinness written by Stephen Mansfield, was no exception. Although the subtitle is "A Biography of The Beer That Changed The World, it is actually more about the extraordinary efforts and ethics of the Guinness family.

I'm not a beer drinker, yet I'm convinced that everyone equates Guinness with good beer. That's a given. But what most people may not realize is the amazing story behind the beer and the family.

Though well written, interesting and insightful, this book was a bit dry at times, as many history/biographies can be. Mr. Mansfield chronicles the various directions the Guinness have taken. In chapter 5, The Guinnesses for God, he brings up those of the family that became missionaries and ministers. He doesn't dive into this aspect too much, and even asserts that he doesn't want to lessen the following of the other Guinnesses that went into banking or brewing. (because many associate that with not being so "God centered") Because I really enjoy author Os Guinness, I was hoping for more detail on his family in this chapter.

The book, the beer and the history of the Guinness family is an interesting read and inspiring as well. If you are already a Guinness fan, your appreciation for the beer and the family will deepen considerably.

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