Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Hole in our Gospel

The Hole in the Gospel by Richard Stearns will perhaps be a controversial book, as some will say it's very social justice oriented, yet much of the Bible is about how we should interact and care for the poor, widowed and orphans. This is what I got out of the book: A challenge to really examine what it might be God wants from us.

The author, Richard Stearns, is president of World Vision and offers a unique, riveting perspective, touching stories of others, and the challenging question: What does God expect of us? I think that many Christians today aren't satisfied with just sitting in church, being "good". Personally, I do think that Christians should be doing more than just going to church once a week, but I think the answer is not just social justice, but a life that loves God, is grateful for what God is doing and has done in their life, and as a result compelled to care and love others. Our neighbor across the street and around the world.

I enjoyed this book, think it is worth reading and sharing with others. It is capable of opening up greater discussion and it really does challenges the Church to step up and fulfill Christ's commands.

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