Thursday, April 8, 2010


In-N-Out has always meant vacation for me. When I was a small child, back when Disneyland switched over from E-Tickets to general admission tickets. (I guess E-Ticket means something QUITE different these days!)

My Aunt Ginny lived in SoCal with her family. I have so many memories of this time; I can recall their backyard, how intrigued I was by the water cooler they had in their kitchen because where I lived we always just used tap water. But the thing I remember most was their parrot, who once belonged to my Uncle John who was a military man with quite a colorful vocabulary.

The bird also had a colorful vocabulary.

But even more annoying: the parrot could effectively mimic my Aunt calling for my Uncle John. JOHN!!!!! the parrot would scream.

And no one could tell the difference. Nor could anyone get the bird to stop.

In-n-Out has always signified a bit of freedom; a taste that we were nearing Southern California.

Every trip, we'd have this rare treat; tasting perhaps even better because it was anticipated all year long. Tasting better because of the meaning and excitement behind it.

These days I can have In-N-Out anytime I want. It is still very good; I still enjoy it. Yet I rarely go.

Instead, I choose to maintain the Tradition. Now my kids are associating In and Out with Vacations and visiting Southern California.

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