Thursday, April 15, 2010

Purple, Blue, Green

I picked up Katie from school today. She's so cute. As we are walking along she mentioned that her friends Donald and Andre had a difficult day today. I asked in what way, curious as to how little kindergartners gauge difficult days, what makes their day so difficult. She then mentioned that they both went down to green today. I asked her what color she was on today. "Purple" she replied. Feeling like a bad mommy for not knowing the color key, I asked what was the best color to be at. She informed me that purple is the best, then blue, green and the other colors were really bad. (like go to the principal/time out bad)

I patted her on the head and praised her for being such a good girl, and asked why her two friends got in trouble.

"Oh, well, Andre got in trouble for complaining about the work he had to do. He kept complaining and complaining. Donald got in trouble for chatting. Do you know what chatting means? It means talking."

I tried so hard to suppress a laugh and wondered if maybe I should institute a color code system at home. Clearly it was working in her classroom.

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