Monday, May 17, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about church lately. I love my church, but sometimes I'm at a loss as to why I love it so much! There are lots of things I love about it and it mostly centers on the people.

And yet, some of my greatest disappointments at time also come from the people.

It makes no sense, but I think a big part of it is that I make no sense.

Yesterday my church went for a hike/rock climb in a beautiful part of the area we live in. So close, so accessible and yet, seldom do most go there, despite the fact that we have all the rock climbing gear and my husband is a good climber.

I feel my church had a great time. I was surprised at the turnout, and even more intrigued that for an event targeted to families, a wide variety of folks came out, with young kids, older kids and even those with no kids present..... and we all had a good time. We cheered each other on, talked amongst ourselves. I took over a thousand photos....

Sunday I felt like I was truly connected to community. I had a nice time sitting with a friend in church. (our sinning husbands chose to race that day instead of keep the fourth commandment) Later my pastor asked how David did ini the tri and I felt good that he remembered that he was racing (and not just sleeping in and ditching church!) Later, went to the rock climbing, had a great time and then..... since we hadn't yet spent enough time with each other, a group of us went out to dinner.

For some reason, I just loved the day. It wasn't elaborate or expensive. But I loved watching the kids run around wildly. I loved being outdoors in such a beautiful location. I enjoyed just spending time with my church family.

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  1. I pray to feel a sense of "community" at some point, the church I'm at or another. Thank you for your "happy thoughts".