Saturday, May 8, 2010


I was on another blog several days ago and came across a video of Michael W. Smith's Place in This World. Watched it, and realized I rarely watched Christian Music Videos back in the 1980's..... in fact I don't think I ever really watched Christian music videos! There was no Christian MTV station; no internet until later.

After watching that video, Place In This World, I was happy I'd never seen it. No offense, Michael. I liked the grand piano in the desert, could even overlook the mullet, but a guy and a girl, roaming the desert independently while the music plays:

Looking for a reason
Roaming through the night to find
My place in this world
My place in this world
Not a lot to lean on
I need Your light to help me find
My place in this world
My place in this world.

And then, the guy and girl find each other, hug and walk off into the sunset.

I always loved this song, never thought that finding my place in the world meant finding true love. (while roaming the desert, and putting my hands through the long, beautiful hair that I don't have) Not saying that he's wrong, just that the song always meant so much more to me, and I never equated it with finding The One person I'd marry. (or date)

It is a bit like reading a wonderful book: in your mind you have created an elaborate set of characters and what things look like, how things sound. It is really quite wonderful and then you watch the movie and are a bit disappointed because oftentimes they get it wrong.

Nonetheless, I still like Michael W. Smith. I grew up listening to his music after discovering it in jr. high. My friend loaned me her record. Yes, a real vinyl record, which is big and makes the picture stand out even more. His first was simply titled Michael W. Smith Project, and the second album was called Michael W. Smith 2. I remember looking at this guy, in a purple and pink sweater vest, jumping through the same argyle pattern on his sweater.

Still, I liked both his albums. All my friends did. I think from then on I bought all the rest of his albums, but usually a tape and later CDs, usually the day it came out. I attended so many of his concerts! Still love his Christmas Album and listen to it every year. Read through all the lyrics, I really enjoyed his music.

In College I was on a cheerleading squad. Those that know me will laugh at this because I'm not a cheerleader but I attended a small Bible college (I know; a Bible college had CHEERLEADERS? Obviously I did not go to a "real" Bible college!) Anyways, the routine we did was from his song Musical Instruments, which I always sung the words to Great is the Lord too. Looking it up, I am now listening to a simple piano arrangement of Great is the Lord and it is absolutely beautiful, but then (early 1990's) we did a routine to a fast tempo electronica sound. I wasn't a very good cheerleader.

Listening at Michael W. Smith brings back memories of when I was a schoolgirl, as well as current. He's still an amazing artist; I still enjoy his songs. I haven't seen him in concert since the early 1990s because I rarely seen ANYONE in concert these days since I have 3 kids that I'd have to get a babysitter for, (though I always make it work to see U2) but there will always be a soft spot in my heart for Michael W. Smith. I'm quite thankful for his music, his ministry and that he is still reaching people today with his love and passion for Christ.

Really glad he doesn't have a mullet anymore, though.


  1. Back in the 80's we had an old school satellite dish (the big 8 ft diameter type) and there was a channel called 'Z TV' It was a clone of early MTV, when all they played was videos, except ztv played all Christian videos. Somewhere I have about 20 hours of tape from them. There was some really poor videos, and some really good stuff too.

    We saw MWS in 1989 just after the earthquake (concert moved from Oakland to Berkley) and also in Concord. He definitely put on a good show, and always brought along an upcoming artist to highlight as part of his band. Great stuff!!!

  2. Clyde, Yeah, saw MWS quite a few times in the 80s and it was always a really great show!