Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A First

Last weekend, I journeyed to Monterey County to watch my husband's first 70.3 triathlon. Basically, it is a half ironman.

David says it was the toughest thing he's ever done. Yet I think he secretly loved it.

What can I say? Beautiful weather, (though a bit cold at night! Brrr!) We met up with some FCA-E friends we met least year and they are just the most wonderful family, we so enjoyed being with them! Just a really special weekend and a memorable first half IM for David. He put in a lot of hours training for this, had a lot of great advice from our pastor, Dan Perkins. He was ready.

Or at least thought he was!

As he tells it now, it really hurt! Still, he's happy with his results. Overall rank of 202, a 5:26:29 time. 37 in his class rank of over 200 people. No major mishaps, other than he forgot his swim cap and had to scramble to get a new one in time.

It was really special and I'm quite proud of him.

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  1. A huge congrats to David for his first 70.3! I know he put a massive amount of work into being prepared. He had a plan, looked to others that he respected for their knowledge of the event, and put his plan into action. There probably were times that he missed a workout, or felt he did not have a great workout but he still pushed on. As much as he put out (not sure if I'll say sacrificed :-) ) to do this, his effort to balance out family time and needs had to be a consideration as well. So you and the kids get kudos for supporting his endeavor as well.
    Way to go David, you did fantastic and as a friend I am very proud of your accomplishment!!!