Saturday, May 29, 2010


Do you ever make up words? I'm not sure I make up words as much as I make up shortcuts. I was realizing this the other day. I'll make up contractions that probably don't exist but I've been writing them/spelling them like that so long, it makes sense to me!

In a way, is it a double standard? Because I don't like and always notice when another misspells something.

I attribute my shortcuts to the code that I learned in high school because it combines certain shortcuts in words, making the code a bit more tricky and easier to write in.

Still, even though I excuse it it myself, there are a lot of words that are so common that they are now accepted yet still makes me cringe:

Irregardless. (it's not a word, makes no sense because "regardless" says it all)

Literally. I may be the only person left that defines literally as actual LITERAL.

Can you think of some other words that are misused/abused? Does it bother you?

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  1. i always make up my own words which is probably bad but some are humorous