Friday, May 7, 2010


I'm a strange person. First, I enjoy reading books about the Church. I enjoy church history, I enjoy the current books about how to better "do" or "be" church. I don't know why but it fascinates me.

Except that it seems that most of the books all begin to sound alike and are a waste of time reading what I already know. I am finishing up one that I started out really enjoying but then "offended" me by discounting the value of corporate worship and a good message as being "consumer-driven."

Although the book started out being kind to all, I pick up a tone of superiority. Though it espouses inclusivity, it seems to shout that there are certain people who don't "get" the missional mindset and you are better off without those consumer-driven pharisaical heathens. So, while it challenges a "social club" mentality, isn't it in a way being it's own inclusive "club"? A hip, young, social justice oriented "we rock!" kind of club for the Christians who TRULY follow Christ?

I'm not even going to give the title of the book because, to be fair, I'm super sensitive to stuff like this. I've read so many books that "bash" churches it makes me sad. Though this one doesn't "bash" churches, there are certain parts that treat certain people with disdain when I feel they shouldn't be given up on; they should be patiently brought into this lifestyle of following Christ more fully. Is transformation possible only to non-Christians? Can God also change the heart of His people to greater follow Him?

Right now I just started a different book that is mundane so far. Like I said, it is all stuff I've heard before and I'm getting tired of hearing how one pastor turned a dying church around and how we can do the same. While reading this other book I found myself thinking about the more offensive book I read, pondering its questions I disagree with. I wonder if it perhaps is a better thing to be offensive and memorable then mundane and basic.

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