Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day Of Ashes

It is Ash Wednesday.

I belong to the wrong denomination because I really want to observe Lent and Ash Wednesday. I complained and my pastor said he'd be happy to burn some letters to make some ash for me.

Ha ha.

Regardless, I'm really determined to go 46 days without diet Coke. I've been warned that since I'm addicted it will be horribly difficult for me. (that comment made me even more determined)

So far today, it's been fine. I'm a bit more tired than usual but that's really it. I do miss the TASTE of diet coke and I'm realizing that, for me, junk food and diet coke go hand in hand. So, by forgoing diet Coke I'm also not eating junk food as well.

This could be a really good deal! I'd love to lose weight too!

But the biggest outcome I am looking forward to is the money I'll be donating to Blood:Water Mission at the end of Lent. I think it's a wonderful cause, and makes sense to have this small sacrifice really count for something and make a difference.

There's a part of me that realizes that sacrificing something for lent is supposed to be more of a private thing but I think that for this cause, it's good to let people know and raise funds and awareness for clean water in other countries. Also, for me, it causes me to think how cutting out something and putting that money towards a good cause can really add up. I'm excited about this.

Thanks so much for all of you that have joined my team "Crazy". I have 10 people participating with me, giving up all beverages but water during lent. It makes me happy to be among friends that is not only supporting me in my giving up of diet coke but also joining with me in this cause to raise money for Blood:Water Mission. Thanks so much!

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