Sunday, February 28, 2010

"Post" Modern

A little over 3 years ago my husband purchased a laptop for me. Prior to that we had an old PC that I used to organize and edit my photos and check the occasional email. That's it. I did not check out blogs. I did not even like the word "blog". I did not understand web forums or their appeal. I really only used my computer to look something up, check email, or play with my photos.

That was then. With the introduction of this beautiful MacBook Pro my life has changed. I love being able to bring "my life" with me wherever I go. When I was in jr. high and high school I'd willingly bring a backpack with me wherever I went with a book, a pen and paper, cds and a CD player.... all kinds of things. To me, my laptop, and now my iphone as well, is it's equivalent.

I am now quite accomplished at finding information, looking at various blogs, and going on various forums. Facebook and twitter have become indispensable and I no longer think I can live without an iPhone. (I'm sure I could....if i can go without diet coke I'm hopeful I'd be able to go without an iPhone. (but I do admit it would be harder; I love that thing!)

Today's title is "Post" Modern because I realize I post things without thinking. I'l learning to be better. I like discussion but do I come across as difficult? Argumentative? On FB I could have had an interesting discussion but at what cost? If someone knows me there is an understanding of who I am; but what about those reading that don't know me? I have just created an impression that may not even be quite true.

It is good to think before posting, and I'm not good at postponing posting!

Yesterday I posted a picture of my 10 year old asleep at the kitchen table. He had attended a sleepover the night before and stayed up really late. While eating his sandwich, he fell asleep at the table, his hand actually in his empty glass of milk. It was pretty cute and reminded me of when he was little; he could sleep anywhere and did fall asleep at dining room tables!

I instantly snapped a photo and uploaded it to facebook. Later when I mentioned it to Conor he wasn't happy. He did not like the idea of all his friends seeing it on facebook.

I guess I have to be a little more careful of posting things.

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