Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I did not want to wake up this morning. My kids were up by 7, my oldest had gotten himself dressed and made himself breakfast within 20 minutes. I did not see this, but I know it happened. Somewhere along the line my very easygoing child that I once had to remind every 10 minutes to get dressed, brush teeth, etc. decided that he wanted to be autonomous. (I do admit: I still have to bug him about staying focused on his homework)

My middle child is learning from Conor's example. He too was up early, dressed and would have poured himself a bowl of cereal as well but all we had was "healthy" cereal and that's not appealing so he asked Daddy if he'd make eggs. He knows enough not to ask me. I don't make breakfast and when I do it never turns out as good as David's.

When it was nearing the time to head out to school I noticed it was slightly drizzling. So slightly. The news said a 30% chance of rain. I began walking to school, Katie's little hand in mine, pointing out all the wonders to behold during our short walk to school. We saw a squirrel and later her friend. Passed by some road construction digging holes. I smugly looked at the line of cars and was so happy that I lived close enough to walk my children to school rather than be in the line to drop them off or find a place to park.

Then it started raining. Not a big deal. I tucked the book I brought with me in my jacket. (I have a terrible habit of reading my book and walking after I drop off the kids) Then it really began raining, and I was not prepared. No rain jacket, no good shoes for the weather, no umbrella. Nothing. Katie did not mind. She did not even have her hood on and was instead sticking her tongue out in an attempt to taste the rain. I laughed. We finally got close to the classroom door, she said bye and hugged me and walked so confidently in. I stayed by the door, just watching her as she took her chair off the table, starting taking off her backpack and her jacket to prepare for school. The other kids were also doing the same and some were already reading silently and looking at books. I was amazed in some ways how my baby, this little 5 year old, could be so grown up?

As I lingered at the doorway, catching this fleeting glimpse of Katie, she turned, gave me a quick wave and almost a puzzled look like why am I still there? I smiled and left, near tears realizing how quickly time goes by. I already miss her.

Sounds pretty silly.

As I turned to walk home I realized that tucked inside the book I was protecting was a Daisy Scout cookie order form. I was sternly warned via email that the form was due today and MUST be turned in that morning!!! Luckily the person's house was close, but still added some time on my walk. I decided it would be quicker to go home a different way. By this time the rain was pretty heavy and I realized there was nothing I could do but enjoy it.

So I did. it's amazing the change in perspective. All of the sudden I was completely tuned into things I hadn't noticed: the gentle sound of the rain, the smell, how beautiful it paints reflections, more beautiful and "watercolor-y" than the original. I wished I had my camera. I always wish I had my camera when it rains and of course cameras don't like rain. But I did appreciate the sights, sounds, smell of the rain. The silence. The solitude. I felt like I was the only person around and it was beautiful.

Now I'm home and reflective. I think rain encourages reflection on one's life. On what is important. It gives one pause to think and appreciate. I'm quite thankful every day doesn't contain rain but I am thrilled with rain. Even when it happens and I'm not prepared.


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