Saturday, February 27, 2010

Picture of Me

I received another letter from Ayoko Yvette. (She goes by Yvette but Katie always calls her Ayoko) It was a wonderful "Thank you for your gift letter. I love how she always begins her letters; greeting me in the Lord with a kiss. Isn't it sweet?

Though I showered her with too many gifts and made a little photo album with my kids and some of their drawings, what Ayoko asked for was a photo of me.

It's the one thing I don't have. I'm the photographer; I'm the one always behind the camera. I like it that way for a reason! Really, there are very few photos of me and the ones that exist I don't keep.

Yet she wants a photo of me.

I think I signed up to sponsor a child through Compassion International because my church encouraged us to do so and I thought it'd be a wonderful experience for my children. And it has been; most definitely it has been! We're all very attached to our sponsor child.

In a way it would've been easier if my church family had not gone to Togo to visit the kids. Now Ayoko wants me to visit; wants to be one of the "special" children whose sponsor loved her so much she/he came to visit.

In her most recent letter she again asked when I was coming to visit. At least this letter did not seem so disappointed as the last one.

I do know that she is so loved.

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