Sunday, August 15, 2010

Black and Blue

How many others have a distinct preference of ink color? I prefer black ink. I don't like too fine a point, but it can't be too broad either and it has to have a nice flow to it. The darker the better.

Of course, if I must, Ill use blue ink. But I prefer to take notes in black.

However, I also like pencils, especially now that I've started occasionally underlining in books. I like my pencil marks to be dark as well, and I guess I prefer a soft graphite pencil. My favorite pencil is a yellow Dixon Ticonderoga. it feels right, smells right and I is a perfect balance.

I know; I sound like an infomercial! Who thinks about pen ink and pencils? But I read this little article in WIRED about a new type of pencil by Sharpie that is a Liquid Pencil. It writes like a pencil, erases easily but after 3 days the mark is permanent.

Not sure if that is compelling enough for me. I'd really like to write with it!

The other day I was furiously erasing all the I underlined in a book before loaning it so a friend. It took a good half an hour! If I had used a Sharpie Liquid pencil I wouldn't have been able to erase it.

What do you think? Are you picky about the types of pen you use? Do you like blue or black ink? Do you still find pencils appealing? Would you spend extra money on a permanent liquid pencil?

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