Sunday, August 1, 2010

Crazy Circle

A few months ago I was complaining that a book I loan out rarely comes back to me. With a few exceptions, I rarely ask for a book back. I just take it as a loss if it goes missing. I'm supposed to assume that I'll never see a loaned book again and that way there is no hard feelings towards the person if/when it goes missing. But deep down, I want my book back!

This is beginning to change a bit.

Last summer I loaned out my first copy of Crazy Love by Francis Chan. I had purchased it a week before and read it quickly. It is such a good book on many levels; very though provoking and challenging. I put on Facebook that I'd just finished reading Crazy Love and a friend the next day at a BBQ asked if she could borrow it. Of course.

That was a year ago. Within a few months I decided to buy a new copy. I had that about 4 days when I was asked if I had a copy and loaned it out. The person read it while on vacation, loved it, and was going to give it back when she asked if she could loan it to a friend. (trustworthy friend) Of course! And I know she meant to give it back, had it in her car, but somehow, it never was returned.

I bought another one and guess what? Once again, it was replaced too! And there was a part of me that was disappointed. Though the book is only about ten dollars, it adds up to continually keep replacing it! I vowed to have a few copies next time and just give it away as a gift rather than expecting it back.

This book, though it created a bit of guilt in me for not doing "enough" is good. So good that everyone that I've loaned it to has loved it. So good that I recommended it to a small women's Bible study to do as a book club together. (they loved it as well and I purchased the DVD to go with it...... speaking of that, I have to get that back too!)

The other day I was chatting with a friend and she mentioned she needed to read a book. I asked if she had any good books and what she was reading. She replied Crazy Love. I couldn't help but ask how/why that book and she replied that her friend had given it to her as a graduation gift. Her friend is the daughter of the first person I loaned Crazy Love to!

This book gets around. Or at least my copies of it seems to! And right now, I'm content and happy. It is a worthwhilel 10 dollar investment to see this Crazy Circle continue. I hope it continues. I was so wrong to begrudge loaning it to others.


  1. I just ordered Crazy Love as one of the books to take away for my vacation.

  2. Ellie, I'd love to know your thoughts. Such a small book and yet it made me think and question (and feel guilty but later on he reminds us of grace and all that)