Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Yesterday I joined a gym. It wasn't the inexpensive gym that is closest to my house. Instead, I joined a really nice gym with fluffy, white freshly laundered and still warm towels. A gym with mint scented shampoo, body wash and conditioner and individual showers with a real door.

It's a nice place.

And the reason I'm at such a nice gym? Because my workout buddy goes to that gym and I know I'd be tempted to not go if it wasn't for her encouraging me and meeting me there. I have a harder time with justifying the money, but I try to think about it as an investment in myself. If I could actually lose weight and be healthy, isn't it totally worth it?

I'm still really excited about my goal of doing a sprint triathlon in Summer '11 with my friend. She's a lot better than I am and I hope I can rise up to her level soon, though I know she'll just keep getting stronger and better too. It is a friendly bit of competition and I am so thankful to have a buddy to motivate me and just join me in this endeavor.

So, my local friends, would you like to join me in training for a sprint triathlon next summer? Get into shape and healthy?

I have to admit, as I type this I'm so sore and know that the next few days I'll continue to be sore, and probably feel even worse! I am so out of shape and swimming is not easy for me and works muscles I never seem to use in everyday life. Yet, I'm strangely drawn to the swim. It is quiet and I have to focus on breathing because I'm not very good at it.... but when I finally climb out of the pool (if I can climb out of the pool) I feel really relaxed, and I actually like it.

I think there are a lot of things I like right now about this endeavor and resolve to get into shape. First, I really have to get in shape! I want to be healthy and I want to look good! Second, it has been incredibly difficult for me to do something this foreign and out of my comfort zone. I feel so exposed. (something about being in a bathing suit lends itself to that, I think) Third.... I really am enjoying having someone to work out with and challenge me and get to know a bit better. It is much more fun doing it with someone else that all alone.

And fourth.... I really want to compete in a triathlon!

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