Saturday, August 21, 2010

Would I?

I saw this on Facebook and thought it was an interesting question:

" If someone gave you $10,000 for the purpose of giving it away to a "not 4profit" ministry of your choice would you give it to your church?"

I love my church and I do think it would be the non- profit organization of my choice to receive the money. But it is funny; I think there is a natural inclination to want to see someone else spend the money as I'd spend it. Which, of course, as a gift, one cannot and should not do. It is a matter of trust that the organization will put it to the best use possible.

But what if you don't agree with what is deemed "the best use possible?"

I'm not saying I have doubts or disagree with how my church spends money; I'm really just talking in a broader sense and I'm using my own flawed perspective. I think just as we Americans think that we have a "say" on how our government spends money, that we have the same right to expect and criticize the church in its spending choices.

But do we?

In a way, I expect more of a church. More responsibility. More oversight of things. More "results" from "investment." What is considered a waste of time? What is considered a waste of money? Does Kingdom purposes differ greatly from other purposes and sense?

I wonder at times if I consider and expect church to be like a business, a very well run business. I don't like mistakes. I don't like typos. I don't like it when things get canceled last minute or rescheduled with little communication given. I wonder sometimes if I'm being a consumer, or just expect more excellence and skill from Christians than I do in The Real World. Does the church realm have to be sub-par?

Does grace equal less expectation? Less accountability? Lower standards?

I really wonder at times if I'm looking at things from a Kingdom perspective or a consumer perspective. I wonder what I define as "results" and what I define as "valid"....... because I think at times churches operate in a different mode; grace. Seeking the best in others. Giving others a chance or money when they might not "deserve" it by my standards.

My church values community involvement and outreach. Do I? My church is passionate about missions and is sending a team to Togo. Am I passionate about that? There are so many little things my church does, much that I don't even know about. Would I be passionate about those things too, or judgmental?

So, would I give my church the 10,000.? I think I would. I also wonder if I'd be able to realize this is not my money but God's and to have no say of what they did with the money, be it buy beautiful Macs that would make me jealous, or replacing the windows in another ministry.

I'm such a legalist that I want someone to earn or deserve the "right" to help. I have so much to learn by the example set by churches. I'm sure I would not always agree with the decisions my church makes, but luckily that is out of my hands. I guess the real question is:

Do I really believe that God has given authority of the church to my pastor and elders? It is kinda an odd thing: God giving authority to flawed people that earnestly are loving and seeking Him and His Kingdom, yet still prone to making mistakes and wrong decisions.

I'm rambling and it is late, but these questions pop up at times and loom in my head. Do I trust God by trusting others? Is there ever a place for disagreement? Am I really in line with the core values of my church? What is more important to me? Money or changed lives?

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