Sunday, December 26, 2010

Confession of an Elder Brother

Have you read Tim Keller's The Prodigal God? It is simply a must-read book, especially if you struggle with grace as I do. I haven't read The Prodigal God, but if I recall correctly Tim Keller writes that this parable, often called "The Prodigal Son" is not just about the wayward son, but also about the elder brother, and even God himself.

One quote that has stuck with me is this: There are two ways to be your own Savior and Lord,. One is by breaking all the moral laws and setting your own course, and one is by keeping all the moral laws and being very, very good."

I identify with the "being very good." I strive to be very good. I want to be liked. I want to do the right things. I have spent most of my life doing the right things.

And yet, it bothers me like crazy when someone that has made wrong, bad choices, is looked upon more favorably than I am. I am such an elder brother! I'm mad and upset, but most of all hurt. How can I do everything "right" and yet it doesn't matter?

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