Friday, December 24, 2010

Please Pray

Another post asking you to join me in prayer for this sweet baby. Today could very well be a most difficult day for the Parkins Family. Please, pray for baby Samuel! Pray for this family no matter what happens. I am linking you to the LOTH blog and post on Talking To Father. It is heart breaking and joyful at the same time.

It is Christmas Eve. A day of merriment, anticipation, love, peace.... and joy.


A few moments ago I posted this quote by Ray Ortlund Jr. "Isn't it interesting how in Christmas cards and on public displays we often see the words, 'Peace on earth, good will toward men'? But how seldom we see the prior words, 'Glory to God in the highest!' But there is no peace, there is no good will, unless there is glory to God in the highest first. We forget to put God's glory first. Fortunately, he does not. God will be glorified." -- Raymond C. Ortlund, Jr

Last night I also read a blog post from the Desiring God blog, titled "An Open Letter to Clarence the Angel" by Michael Johnson says this:

"Does following Jesus mean one will have a wonderful life? Instead, Jesus promises a joyfullife, even amidst significant suffering. In theological language, to expect a wonderful life now is to have an over-realized eschatology. We’re living between two worlds, the now and the not yet.

In other words, Clarence, the reason this isn’t a wonderful life (in the Capra-esque way)—even for the redeemed—is for this simple reason: Life this side of glory is not the way it’s supposed to be—even for George Bailey."

It is so easy to confuse joy with happiness, and yet, in this story of baby Samuel, all the accounts resonate with joy, hope and a longing to see God glorified in everything. He is faithful but my heart still breaks for the Parkins family. Please continue holding them up in prayer.

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