Monday, December 6, 2010

Frighteningly Wonderful

I now own a new bike. I've not had a new bike in 16 years. I think we paid 300 dollars for my Specialized Mountain Bike when we lived in Seattle, and that bike got a lot of use there, since I did not have a car. I even had panniers so I could do carry home groceries on my bike. (Obviously I had no kids then!) We lived on Queen Anne Hill, not too far up, luckily, and later on another hill near Green Lake. I loved my bike.

This summer, after watching David and a friend do a half ironman, I decided to do a sprint triathlon. My friend, who was watching her husband also do the half IM, also decided to do one, so we are training together. She's better than I am, but very encouraging and sweet, and most of all, she keeps me from giving up, and I hope I am encouraging to her as well. I joined a gym and we've been swimming. I really can't run but we've walked and tried to run. I'm sure I'm holding her back in that area...... she can run! The next thing was bike. So last week I took a spin class that made me re-think getting a new bike but just 2 days after that class..... guess what I own?

A new road bike.

And not just any new bike; one that is way better than someone like me deserves. Carbon fiber. Mavic wheels. Clip in pedals..... ah, clip in pedals. I'm scared of them! I'm scared of tiny thin wheels. I felt nearly invincible on my mountain bike and on this bike, I'm so frightened!

So for now, it sits in the house, on a trainer. I spend about an hour a day on it, trying to get used to it. There's a part of me that wants to leave it safe in the house..... in perfect condition, not a speck of dirt on its pure white frame, no nicks, dings or scratches, and yet I know that would be a waste. It was designed to go outside and be used, not sit in perfect condition inside with no risks.

Sometimes I think it really would be easier to take no risks even in life. I don't want to get dinged up, scratched or bruised. I don't like doing things wrong, saying the wrong things, or just being is a risk. And yet, isnt' that how God designed us? To be in community. It might be more risky, it might even hurt and get some scratches and bruises, but isn't it worth it?

Someday I'll have to take my bike on the road. I hope I enjoy it. It might even take some time to enjoy it, get comfortable and confident and familiar on it, but supposedly its also thrilling. I hope so.

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