Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Walking to School

I enjoy walking my youngest to school every day. Today we were running late, so I was urging Katie to run and hurry up. I must've said it with a lot of stress evident in my voice, because Katie looks at me, and says, "Don't worry, Mom! All you have to do is pray about it and it will be okay." And to that, I still insisted, no, you still have to run! We'll be late if we don't run. And again, she insisted that if we prayed it would all work out okay. Then she said, "I pray a lot at school."

Ah, the faith of a child and the cynicism of my own hardened heart!

We weren't late for school, and we did not run the whole way. I'm sure Katie is attributing it to prayer. I almost wonder why I don't.

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