Friday, December 24, 2010


I'm sitting here and it is after midnight. I just spent the last few hours happily buying last minute gifts for family and friends. I want to sit down and wrap them, but I'm a computer addict so I have to log into the internet to see what I missed. Oh, who am I kidding? I missed nothing; I have an iPhone! But I love my Macbook and have to tend to it.

Before I go to my usual "haunts" I see a tweet from a guy I've never met but I follow and he follows me. It is a retweet and a plea to pray for baby Samuel. So I go to the LOTH blog which has been one of my familiar, always-checking blogs of late.

And I cry.

Please pray for baby Samuel and the Parkins family. Go to the website and read about baby Samuel. Such a touching, sad and amazing blog post.

"Whether God gives, or God takes away, we will still praise the name of the Lord. We will always praise God for these incredible two weeks where we have seen God’s glory shine through the life of a little boy who has been used to soften and change hearts."

I'm inspired and in awe of the faith of this family. I'm in awe of God, yet filled with questions. Please pray for Samuel and his family.

Thank you.

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