Monday, December 13, 2010

Please Continue Praying..... and Tell the World

There is a huge soft spot in my heart for kids with sickness. On one hand, I want to ignore it and run far way from it, because it hurts and I know only too well what it is to be around sick children. It actually brings up a bevy of emotions, sights, smells and sounds that I really don't like to recall. And then, almost simultaneously, I want to do something to help and hate feeling helpless. Add to that in some ways, is it even rational to care so much for a family and a little baby I don't know and will probably never meet?

But I do. I can't help but feel tied to this little baby and his family. So today I'm once again asking you to pray for Samuel Parkins. I read the blog post and he's having a difficult time. Please, go to the Life On the Hill blog site and read the updates for baby Samuel. It is sad and uplifting and beautiful.... and so very real. It brings me to tears and yet reminds me of the goodness of God because the posts somehow always point to God's glory. I'm at a loss because I really don't think I could respond with such faith and grace in that situation. And I gravitate to this blog and to praying for this beautiful baby boy.

On the blog post yesterday, Mr. Parkins wrote, "Tell the world to pray. Tell them God hears. Tell the world that God is good and Jesus reigns, tell them that Samuel is God’s kid. Tell them we won’t be silent. Please church, we must wake up. Death has lost its sting, hell has lost its victory. Our God is alive, and He’s about doing the impossible. In fact, He’s doing it now. Tell the world."

Yes; Tell the World. And please pray for baby Samuel and family. Please.

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