Monday, December 20, 2010

Please Keep Praying

I put this on my Facebook page tonight, posted a link to the LOTH Blog where I read every day about Samuel Parkins. Facebook is such a strange thing; I don't know why more folks don't comment or repost things: here's a little baby in need of prayers! Cute and tiny; beautiful. How can you not want to do everything to help him? And what he needs is prayer. Such a simple thing and yet so powerful.

So I'm praying. And asking others to pray too. I expect my church to pray. We were sent an email asking to pray for baby Samuel. But tonight another friend posted that the LOTH blog I linked made her think of her own baby growing inside her. A baby that they've tried for years. A baby that came after numerous miscarriages.

She understood and I think she's praying more fervently than I am. For me, there is a shared experience of hospitals and a child that is suffering, even though I wasn't a parent but a child. For Sara, she feels it as an expectant mother, whose son's future is still completely unknown to her.

It is easier for me to quote others about God than to speak about him from my own heart and experience. As I was re-reading my account of movies and my brother, I realized: where's God in this narrative? He was there. I can tell you stories of comfort and beauty; of community and support. Of love and comfort. And yet.... my account is one of disconnectedness.

But I saw God there. Even there, in the midst of pain, confusion and loneliness. It is just hard to talk about, which is probably one of the reasons I so enjoy reading the account of the Parkins' family. Because their faith and hope is so beautifully articulated. Part of me wishes that my family had the strong faith the Parkins family does.

Please pray for baby Samuel. He had surgery today but still has much to face. I love his story. I love this baby. Here's the LOTH Blog where you can learn more.

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